Resolve and Fortitude

Microsoft's ''SECRET POWER BROKER'' breaks his silence

by Joachim Kempin

Who exactly was behind Microsoft’s earth-shattering success in the formative years of its existence? Bill Gates, of course. Steve Ballmer. Not so fast . . . ! While true in part, this view blinds itself to the extraordinary efforts of the behind-the-scenes warriors waging tireless campaigns, passionately plying their trades, and sacrificing for the Microsoft’s cause: To conquer the exciting new frontiers of the PC universe. Joachim Kempin, once dubbed Microsoft’s “Secret Power Broker”, was clearly one of them. In Resolve and Fortitude he opens up and escorts you on a riveting journey deep into the terrain of Microsoft’s ever-evolving stratagems, historic power struggles, unparalleled victories and stunning defeats. Take an insightful look at how this nonconformist strategist frankly criticizes Microsoft’s leadership style of the last decade, and its current aim to mimic Apple by suggesting bold structural changes for the company needed to win over the Facebook generation.


Resolve and Fortitude by Joachim Kempin